Mouthguards are an effective way to protect your teeth while you sleep or play contact sport.

Sport Mouthguards

Make the most of your abilities buy incorporating a sport mouthguard into your gear. For contact sports like rugby and martial arts, mouthguards protect against the devastating dental effects of blows to the mouth: chips, cracks, knocked out teeth, impacted orthodontics, and structural bone or gum damage are just some of the possibilities.

Here at Dream Smiles, we custom-make all mouthguards to fit you. Unlike over-the-counter guards which require you to mould them yourself, we are dedicated to the creation of individually-tailored mouthguards that will effectively protect your teeth.

Types of Sport Mouthguards

Custom fitted: The guards that are fitted to your mouth by a dental professional will always be the most effective at keeping your teeth safe, absorbing blows and withstanding pressure. These are individually designed, and created in a professional laboratory based on your dentist’s instructions. First, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth and teeth. The mouthguard is moulded to this impression using a special resin. This material used, as well as the time and care involved in the making of a professional mouthguard, can increase the price. Small price to pay for quality preventative dental care!

Boil-and-bite: This type of mouthguard is typically found at a sporting goods store. Boil-and-bite mouthguards are made from thermoplastic material and are pliable at high temperatures. To personalise them, they are first placed in hot water and then into the mouth, moulded to the mouth using finger and tongue pressure.

Stock mouthguards: This type of mouth protector comes packaged and ready-to-wear. Little can be done to adjust fit and shape of these, they are bulky and make speaking and breathing more difficult. Dentists do not recommend use.

Teeth Grinding Mouthguards

Mouthguards are sometimes a necessary intervention method for those who grind their teeth while they sleep. The condition, called bruxism, is an oral parafunctional activity, meaning the excessive grinding or clenching is unrelated to normal functions of the mouth.

Bruxism guards are much thinner than sports mouthguards, and are designed to restrict you from your involuntary teeth-grinding.

How much do mouthguards cost?

The real question is: how much money can mouthguards save you? Dental damage caused from tooth grinding and contact sport can cause permanent and expensive damage. Severe oral health problems can set you on a costly treatment plant for life, or leave you prone to further dental trauma such as infection or gum disease. The best way to manage this, is to prevent it.

Dental mouthguards at Dream Smiles

Are you considering the benefits of a sports mouthguard or bruxism mouthguard? Visit the friendly team at Dream Smiles today to see how they can help protect your smile!