Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentist Brisbane

Looking for an emergency dentist Brisbane?

The team at Dream Smiles Sunnybank set aside time during office hours for emergency appointments.

The difference between a dental concern and a dental emergency

A dental concern is a chipped or cracked tooth that doesn’t hurt. This dental concern is often cosmetic, and doesn’t require any restorative work. If you do wish to conceal any cosmetic chips or cracks porcelain veneers, are a good option.

If you do chip, crack or otherwise damage a tooth, and it hurts, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Pain which can’t be managed by over-the-counter pain medication can often be a sign that something is wrong beneath the gum.

Toothache and what to do about it

With toothache, too often the approach is ‘wait and see.’ Toothache is often a sign of decay or gum disease—this means problems going on inside the tooth. If you are experiencing a dull toothache, and Panadol doesn’t work, this means there is an underlying dental concern.

Your emergency dentist in Brisbane

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