If you’re determined to improve your oral health in 2023, there are a few resolutions you can decide on this New Year’s Eve to make the most of your teeth. Let’s look at some ways you can look forward to improved dental health in the new year!

We all know we need to brush and floss, but as dentists, we can confidently say that many people fail to abide by these dental care rules. If you know you’re guilty of sometimes skipping the brush before bed or finding reasons to avoid flossing, we highly recommend resolving to take better care of your teeth in 2023.

Limit Sugary Snacks and Beverages

Yes, yes, we know it’s tough to give up tasty treats, but it will do so much good for both your oral and overall health to limit your intake of sugary drinks and snacks.
Limiting your intake of sugary snacks and beverages can help to protect your teeth and gums. Choosing tooth-friendly nutritious meals can also help to improve oral health. These foods include vegetables, lean meats, and dairy products. Foods that are high in calcium, vitamin D, and fibre also contain important dental health nutrients.
A new year is a perfect time to make positive changes. A positive attitude is necessary for healthy teeth. Creating positive habits can lead to lifelong change.

Don’t Forget To Floss!

Flossing regularly is one of the most important dental health resolutions you can make. This is because it will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. When you floss your teeth, it removes plaque, bacteria, and food debris. These plaques build up in the mouth and can cause cavities and gum disease. Plaque is also the main cause of bad breath.
The key to flossing is consistency. You should floss every day. It can be a difficult habit to get into and can even be painful if you’re new to flossing regularly. You can start by flossing a few times a week, then work up to flossing every day.
You should also make sure that you brush your teeth properly. A fluoride toothpaste is recommended. We also suggest rinsing with a good anti-bacterial mouthwash to get rid of any last remaining particles that could damage your teeth.

Stop Smoking!

The resolution to stop smoking is very popular. The benefits of quitting smoking are huge and include improving your overall health, lowering your risk of gum disease, and reducing the risk of oral cancer. In fact, smokers are six times more likely to develop oral cancer than non-smokers.
Aside from oral cancer, people who smoke also have a higher risk of gum disease. Smoking can cause receding gums, which can lead to sensitivity to heat and cold. In addition, tobacco delays the healing process after oral surgery.
Smoking can also make your teeth look discolored and it can cause chronic bad breath. There is no downside to quitting other than the admittedly awful first few weeks of withdrawal.

Schedule (and Attend!) Semi-Annual Dentist Appointments

Many people do not visit the dentist regularly, and this can lead to dental issues such as cavities. It is important to visit your dentist for an annual checkup. We can check your teeth for cavities and other problems and refer you to specialists or develop a treatment plan depending on your needs. A dental checkup can also help you develop a home oral hygiene routine.

How Can We Help?

We offer a huge array of cosmetic, restorative, general, and orthodontic services at Dream Smiles Specialist Centre. We are perfectly positioned to assist you in developing a solid at-home dental care routine that will keep your teeth in top shape for the year ahead. In addition to general services such as cleaning and basic check-ups, we also offer cosmetic improvements such as veneers, and even dental replacements like implants, crowns, and bridges. However, we do hope that helping our patients develop and stick to an excellent dental care routine will reduce their risk of needing tooth replacement services!

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