Tooth Extraction

Why perform a tooth extraction?

Having a tooth pulled can be necessary. If your tooth has irreparable damage from trauma or decay, or if you have a crowded mouth, it can be a viable option to remove the tooth completely.

If your wisdom teeth are growing through, it might also be necessary for your dentist to pull the teeth, due to their painful emergence and threat to your dental health.

Alternatively, if you have stubborn baby teeth, it can also be best to extract them to give the adult teeth the best possible chance to grow.

We consider extraction as a last resort for otherwise healthy or repairable teeth, as there is no true replacement for natural teeth.

Dental extraction process

  1. X-rays

Before your dentist confirms an extraction, they will take comprehensive x-rays of the area. This can show the relationship of the tooth in question to those around it, and if any infections or tumours are present in the area. It also allows the dentist a chance to devise the best approach to removing your tooth.

  1. Medication (B&A surgery)

Your dentist will go through the sedation method with you and medication required for you to have the most comfortable surgery. Antibiotics may also be required if you have an infection at the time of surgery, a weakened immune system, a medical condition, or if your surgery will be particularly long.

  1. Simple or surgical extraction

Simple extraction: A simple extraction is performed on visible, emerged teeth, and can be performed by a general dentist. First, your dentist will use an instrument called an elevator to loosen the tooth. Then, forceps to extract the tooth.

Surgical extraction: Where a tooth has broken off at the gumline, or has not erupted, a surgical extraction is necessary. Either your general dentist or an oral surgeon can perform this procedure. The tooth is removed through a small incision in your gum. To remove the whole tooth, it can be necessary to remove some bone with the tooth or remove it in pieces.

  1. Follow up

This process is different for each procedure. Your dentist will provide details on what to do and expect post-surgery. If you have questions, don’t forget to ask your dentist before you go home!

Dental Extraction at Dream Smiles

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