The Right Dental Floss

Dental Floss

Flossing your teeth is important, but using the right dental floss will help your flossing to be most effective. When visiting the drug store, you may notice a wide variety of different types of dental floss. You may simply grab the cheapest pack or the pack that looks the best. Dental floss is all the same right? Wrong! These are the common types of dental floss and what they are best for.

Dental floss types

Waxed: Waxed dental floss is best suited if you are new to flossing or you have sensitive gums. It also comes in various flavours which can help motivate you to floss. If you have tightly spaced teeth, waxed floss is also less likely to break.

Unwaxed floss: Unwaxed dental floss is best suited for you if you want thinner dental floss and find it easier to maneuver. An unwaxed floss is also a good option if you have dental crowns or if you are pregnant and the flavour of waxed floss triggers nausea, unwaxed will be a better choice for you.

Dental tape: dental tape is flatter and stretchier than dental floss, for those who are new to flossing, the shape of dental tape can make the process a lot easier as it glides seamlessly between your teeth.

Specialised floss: If you have braces, there are various brands which sell specialised floss which has a stiff section to easily glide in between the wires. This specialised floss can also be used in a variety of circumstances such as dental bridges etc.

Water flossers: This is a relatively new technique for flossing which involves shooting a stream of water between teeth to remove food debris and plaque. Water flossers are not dental floss at all and merely a device used to push water through your teeth.

Dental floss picks: These are marketed as a convenient way to floss your teeth. They are a small plastic tool with a curved head used to hold a piece of dental floss. These are best suited to you if you find traditional dental floss particularly difficult to handle.

Flossing your teeth is important, no matter the type of dental floss you decide to use!